Don Caballero

Don Caballero was an instrumental rock band formed in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1991. They were considered one of the pioneering forces in "math rock", although the members are said to despise that particular term. The band's sound was dominated by the lead drumming of Damon Che and was noted for its odd-timed rhythms and intricate and complex guitar interplay. Also of note was guitarist Ian Williams' guitar-playing, which relied heavily on a finger-tapping approach used for the rhythm playing (there are no solos in Don Caballero's music) and heavy use of a delay pedal. Despite an appearance to the contrary, the group's songs are not improvised jams but are structured works.

The founding members of the group were Damon Che, bassist Pat Morris, and guitarist Mike Banfield, with Ian Williams joining as second guitarist a year later. The group signed to Touch And Go in 1993 for their first LP, "For Respect" and remained with the label for 3 more full-length albums, a couple of singles, and one compilation. Morris left the band after the release of "For Respect". Several bassists rotated in and out of the group, with Matt Jencik appearing on the group's 2nd LP, "Don Caballero 2". Morris returned for 1998's "What Burns Never Returns" but left the group for good after its release. He was replaced by Eric Emm who was a


Don Caballero
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