Drew McDowall

Drew McDowall, born on January 28th, 1961 in Paisley, Scotland, is a renowned artist known for his work with Coil and as a solo artist under the name Screwtape. He has also been a member of Compound Eye and Captain Sons & Daughters. Drew co-created The Poems in the late 1970s and was part of Psychic TV in the 1980s. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and is actively involved in the modular electronic world.

Throughout his career, Drew McDowall has made significant contributions to the music industry. His collaboration with Coil led him to become an official member of the band in 1995. In addition to his work with various groups, he also worked as tour manager for The Shamen.

Beyond his musical achievements, Drew is a proud father to Keri from his previous marriage to Rose McDowall of Strawberry Switchblade fame. With a strong presence within the modular electronic scene and residing in Brooklyn, NY, Drew continues to make waves as an influential figure within the industry.


Drew McDowall
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