Dub Syndicate

Dub Syndicate is On-U Sound's premier dub outfit and a name synonymous with the label from its inception. Led by drummer Style Scott, who was also the rhythm force of The Roots Radics, Dub Syndicate emerged from the early Creation Rebel. Members of The Roots Radics frequently join Dub Syndicate, along with other On-U Sound players and singers. Collaborating mostly with Adrian Sherwood, Scott also worked with others like Bill Laswell and Lee Scratch Perry. In 1982, they released the groundbreaking album "Pounding System," exploring ambient and electro dub. Despite Scott's death in 2014, the band continued touring and making records in various forms.

Dub Syndicate shares similarities with artists such as African Head Charge, New Age Steppers, and Zion Train. They have been influenced by legendary figures like King Tubby, Prince Jammy, and Prince Far I.

Their unique blend of dub music has garnered them a dedicated following over the years. With their innovative soundscapes and collaborations with renowned musicians, Dub Syndicate remains an influential force in the world of dub music.


Dub Syndicate
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