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Eddie Russ

Eddie Russ was a keyboard player from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He began his career in the sixties and early seventies, collaborating with jazz legends such as Benny Golson, Sarah Vaughn, Stan Getz, and Dizzy Gillespie. After gaining valuable experience working with these greats, Eddie embarked on a solo career.

Born in 1940 and passing away in November 1996, Eddie Russ left behind a legacy of exceptional music. His talent on the keyboard was unmatched, and he brought his unique style to every performance.

Similar artists who share Eddie's passion for jazz include Weldon Irvine, Milton Wright, O'Donel Levy, Gary Bartz, Joe Thomas, Bobbi Humphrey, Ramon Morris, Lonnie Liston Smith, Jon Lucien Phil Upchurch,Eddie Henderson Calvin Keys Johnny "Hammond" Smith Charles Earland Dexter Wansel James Mason The Lyman Woodard Organization Ricardo Marrero Ronnie Foster Daniel Salinas


Eddie Russ
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Eddie Russ

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