Emily Nenni

Emily Nenni is a California-born and Nashville-based singer and songwriter. With her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, she captivates audiences with her unique blend of country, folk, and Americana music. Drawing inspiration from artists like Summer Dean, Jaime Wyatt, and Kelsey Waldon, Emily's music tells stories of love, loss, and the beauty of everyday life. Her honest and authentic approach to songwriting resonates with listeners across genres.

Known for her powerful live performances, Emily has shared the stage with talented musicians such as Brennen Leigh, Dylan Earl, Luke Bell, Melissa Carper, Pat Reedy, Charlie Marie,and Jesse Daniel. Her music transports listeners to a simpler time while still addressing contemporary issues in a relatable way.

With influences ranging from Zephaniah OHora to Bella White to Jason James,the depth of Emily's musical knowledge shines through in her songs. Whether performing solo or with her band The Broken Spokes,she delivers an unforgettable experience that leaves audiences wanting more.


Emily Nenni
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