Engine Kid

Engine Kid is an influential band formed in Seattle, WA in the early 1990s. Comprised of bassist Art Behrman, drummer Chris Vandebrooke, and guitarist/vocalist Greg Anderson, they initially aimed to emulate the sound of Slint. However, their music evolved over time as they incorporated elements of jazz and nascent post-rock into their later material.

After their first 7" recording, Behrman left the band and was replaced by Brian Kraft. Later on, Vandebrooke also departed and Jade Devitt took over as the drummer for all subsequent releases.

In their initial run, Engine Kid released two albums, three singles/EPs, and made numerous appearances on split singles and compilations before disbanding in 1997. In 2020, the longest-running lineup of Anderson, Devitt, and Kraft reunited and signed with Southern Lord.


Engine Kid
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