Eric's Trip

Eric's Trip is a Canadian indie rock band from Moncton, New Brunswick. Formed in 1990, they quickly gained recognition as the first Canadian band to be signed to Seattle's flagship grunge label Sub Pop in the early 1990s. With their unique sound and raw energy, Eric's Trip became pioneers of the alternative music scene. Their single "Viewmaster" from the album Forever Again garnered attention and solidified their place in alternative circles.

Influenced by bands like The Halo Benders, Sebadoh, and Beat Happening, Eric's Trip carved out their own distinctive style. They effortlessly blended elements of lo-fi rock with introspective lyrics that resonated with listeners. Their music captured a generation searching for authenticity and emotional connection.

Over the years, Eric's Trip has inspired numerous artists including Julie Doiron and Robert Pollard. Their impact on indie rock cannot be overstated. With albums like Love Tara and Purple Blue, they continue to influence musicians today. Experience the magic of Eric's Trip through their discography available on our e-commerce website.


Eric's Trip
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