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Ernest Hood

Guitarist and zither player, Ernest Hood was born on June 2, 1923 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He made a name for himself as a jazz guitarist in the Portland, Oregon area during the 1940s before becoming a sought-after studio musician. Unfortunately, Hood's career took an unexpected turn when he contracted polio in the 1950s, leaving him wheelchair-bound for life. Despite this setback, he adapted by picking up the zither and went on to showcase his talent on several early albums of renowned saxophonist [a269594].

Ernest Hood's musical journey began as a skilled jazz guitarist in Portland during the vibrant era of the 1940s. Alongside his brother Bill Hood and acclaimed saxophonist [a269594], he captivated audiences with his melodic guitar playing.

In the face of adversity, Hood's determination remained unwavering. After being diagnosed with polio and confined to a wheelchair, he refused to let it hinder his passion for music. Unable to hold a guitar any longer due to physical limitations, he discovered solace in playing the zither instead.


Ernest Hood
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