Fat White Family

Fat White Family is a British band known for their unique blend of garage rock, punk, and psychedelic music. The band consists of lead vocalist Lias Kaci Saoudi, guitarists Saul Adamczewski and Adam J. Harmer, keyboardist Nathan Saoudi, drummer Sam Toms, bassist Adam Brennan, and saxophonist Alex White. With their raw energy and provocative lyrics, Fat White Family has gained a reputation for their intense live performances and fearless approach to pushing musical boundaries.

Formed in 2011 in South London, Fat White Family quickly gained attention with their debut album "Champagne Holocaust" in 2013. The album showcased the band's dark humor and confrontational style, earning them a dedicated fanbase. They followed up with "Songs For Our Mothers" in 2016 which further solidified their reputation as one of the most exciting bands on the underground music scene.

Known for their controversial antics both on and off stage, Fat White Family have never been afraid to challenge societal norms through their music. Their songs often touch on themes of political disillusionment, addiction, and social unrest. Despite this rebellious image, they are highly respected by critics who recognize the band's artistic integrity and commitment to creating thought-provoking music.


Fat White Family
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