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Forest Swords

Forest Swords is one producer, Matthew Barnes, from The Wirral/Liverpool, UK. He creates a unique blend of jagged hip-hop and R&B beats, looping guitar lines and manipulated samples. His evocative and emotional music reflects the sprawling Wirral landscape of river, coastland and woodland with all the haunting melodies of nearby city Liverpool’s enviable pop history.His sound can be compared to artists such as Oneohtrix Point Never, Blanck Mass, Steve Hauschildt, and Andy Stott. Forest Swords' music captures a similar atmospheric quality found in the works of Tim Hecker, Actress, and Holy Other. Fans of experimental electronic music will also appreciate his compositions akin to those by Demdike Stare, Fuck Buttons, and Pye Corner Audio.Influenced by a range of genres including ambient, IDM, dubstep, and post-rock, Forest Swords' style resonates with fans who enjoy the soundscape creations of artists like Laurel Halo, Emptyset, and Nosaj Thing.If you appreciate intricate sound design combined with mesmerizing melodies reminiscent of artists


Forest Swords
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Forest Swords

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