Francis Bebey

Francis Bebey, born on 15 July 1929 in Douala, Cameroon and passed away on 18 May 2001 in Paris, France, was a multi-talented artist. He was a singer in Duala, French and English languages, as well as a guitarist, flutist, journalist, sculptor, composer, musicologist, writer and polemist. With his diverse range of skills and talents across various art forms, Francis Bebey left an indelible mark on the world of music and beyond.

Born in Cameroon but later settling in France, Bebey's unique musical style blended traditional African rhythms with contemporary influences. His songs were sung in multiple languages which showcased his linguistic versatility. As a musician and composer, he created captivating melodies that resonated with audiences worldwide.

In addition to his musical prowess, Bebey was also known for his work as a journalist and writer. He used his platform to address social issues through thought-provoking articles and books. Furthermore, he expressed himself through sculpture - another medium where he showcased his artistic talent.


Francis Bebey
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