Gabor Szabo

Gabor Szabo was a Hungarian jazz guitarist known for his influential blend of jazz, pop-rock, and traditional Hungarian music. Born in Budapest in 1936, he discovered his passion for guitar at the age of 14 after being inspired by jazz music on Voice Of America radio broadcasts. He escaped Hungary in 1956 and attended the Berkeley School Of Music in Boston before performing at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1958. From 1961 to 1965, Szabo played with Chico Hamilton's quintet in southern California.

In 1966, he began recording a series of acclaimed albums under his own name on the *Impulse!* label. He also co-founded Skye Records with Cal Tjader and Gary McFarland during the late 1960s. Later on, he signed with Blue Thumb Records and CTI Records. Sadly, Gabor Szabo passed away from liver and kidney disease during a visit to Budapest in 1982.

Despite his untimely death at the age of 45, Gabor Szabo left behind a lasting legacy as an innovative guitarist who seamlessly blended different genres into his music. His unique sound continues to inspire musicians today.


Gabor Szabo
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