Gang Of Four

Gang Of Four is an English post-punk group from Leeds, formed in 1976. The original line-up consisted of Jon King on vocals, Andy Gill on guitar, Dave Allen on bass and guitar, and Hugo Burnham on drums.

Over the years, the band experienced some changes in their lineup. After the release of 'Solid Gold', Dave Allen left and was replaced by Sara Lee. Later, after their third album, Hugo Burnham also departed and programmed drums were introduced.

In 1984, Gang Of Four disbanded but reunited in 1990 with intermittent collaborations between King and Gill. Following the release of 'Content' in 2011, Andy Gill became the sole remaining original member until his unfortunate passing in 2020.

The band made a comeback in 2021 with original members Jon King and Hugo Burnham along with Sara Lee who joined later as a member. They were also joined by new guitarist David Pajo to continue their musical journey.


Gang Of Four
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