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Garbage is an alternative/modern rock band hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, USA. The band consists of Shirley Manson on vocals, keyboards, and guitar; Duke Erikson on bass, guitar, and keyboards; Steve Marker on guitar, keyboards, and loops; and Butch Vig on drums, loops, noise, and fx.

In the early 1980s, Butch Vig and Steve Marker founded Smart Studios in Madison. They later formed Fire Town in the late 1980s after their previous band Spooner disbanded. Meanwhile, Marker worked as their roadie. During this time, Vig and Marker gained experience in making electronic/rock mixes for artists like Nine Inch Nails and House Of Pain.

In 1993, inspired by their remixing experiments and genre-bending approach to music production, Vig and Marker decided to form a band. They began searching for a singer to complete the lineup. It was then that Steve Marker stumbled upon a video of Scottish band Angelfish featuring lead singer Shirley Manson's captivating voice on MTV's "120 Minutes". Impressed by her talent, he informed his fellow band members who subsequently invited Manson to audition in Madison.

Although her initial audition was unsuccessful [but she asked for another chance], Manson impressed them with skeletal versions of a few songs during her second audition. This led to the official formation of Garbage in 1994. The band released their self-titled debut album


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