Gary Louris

Gary Louris is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter born on March 10, 1955 in Toledo, Ohio. With a career spanning several decades, Louris has established himself as a prominent figure in the music industry. He is known for his distinctive style and soulful performances.

Louris has collaborated with various talented artists throughout his career, including Neal Casal, Mark Olson, Jay Farrar, Peter Bruntnell, Peter Case, Marah, Mark Olson & Gary Louris. He has also been a member of bands such as Golden Smog and Son Volt.

His music draws inspiration from a wide range of genres and influences. From folk to rock to alternative country, Louris's songs captivate listeners with their heartfelt lyrics and melodic arrangements. His collaborations have resulted in critically acclaimed albums that showcase his versatility as an artist.


Gary Louris
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