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Green River

Green River is a Seattle-based band that was formed in 1984. The band took their name from the notorious serial killer who haunted the area at that time. Lead vocalist/guitarist Mark Arm and guitarist Steve Turner had previously played together in local hardcore bands, while drummer Alex Vincent came from Spluii Numa and bassist Jeff Ament from Deranged Diction.

In late 1984, second guitarist Stone Gossard - Turner's former bandmate in the Ducky Boys - joined Green River, allowing Arm to focus solely on singing. After the release of their album "Come On Down," Steve Turner left the band and was replaced by Bruce Fairweather.

Green River also gave rise to other influential bands. Mark Arm and Steve Turner went on to form Mudhoney, while Bruce Fairweather, Stone Gossard, and Jeff Ament joined Mother Love Bone. Following Andrew Wood's death, Stone and Jeff formed Pearl Jam.

After a reunion in 2008, Green River has performed several live shows since then. Their music is often associated with other notable artists such as Skin Yard, Tad, Malfunkshun, Love Battery, Mother Love Bone, Mad Season, Screaming Trees, Gruntruck, Mudhoney,and Temple Of The Dog.


Green River
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