Guerilla Toss

Band known for inciting moshing and booty dancing in equal measure. Formed in Boston, Guerilla Toss is currently based in both New York state and the city. Their unique sound blends elements of punk, noise rock, and experimental pop to create a high-energy sonic experience.

Inspired by artists such as *The I.L.Y's*, *Lightning Bolt*, and *Tropical Fuck Storm*, Guerilla Toss has gained a reputation for their electrifying live performances and genre-defying music. With influences ranging from *Zach Hill* to *Deerhoof*, their sound is characterized by frenetic rhythms, distorted guitars, and catchy melodies.

Joining the ranks of other boundary-pushing bands like *Melt-Banana* and *Hella*, Guerilla Toss continues to push the boundaries of what is considered conventional music. With a discography that includes albums like "GT Ultra" and "Twisted Crystal", they have garnered a dedicated fanbase who appreciate their fearless approach to creating art.


Guerilla Toss
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