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HEALTH is a noise rock band from Echo Park, Los Angeles. The band consists of four members: *Benjamin Jared Miller*, *Jake Duzsik*, *John Famiglietti*, and *Jupiter Keyes*. Each member hails from different cities including Seattle, San Diego, and their current home base, Los Angeles. Their unique sound combines elements of dance and electronica with slight influences from the noise rock genre.

Despite being categorized as noise rock, HEALTH's music stands out from other bands in the scene due to their innovative blend of genres. They have gained recognition for their eccentric and original music that sets them apart. Jake and Jupiter first met in college while John crossed paths with Jake at a guitar store. Jared joined the band through an online connection.

With a passion for creating exceptional music, HEALTH plans to continue touring extensively. They are dedicated to doing what they love best - producing distinctive and captivating tunes that captivate audiences worldwide.


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