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Horace Andy

Horace Andy, born Horace Keith Hinds on February 19, 1951 in Kingston, Jamaica, is a renowned roots reggae songwriter and singer. With his distinctive vocals, he has recorded for numerous Jamaican producers and labels throughout the 1970s and 1980s. His collaborations with Bristol's trip hop band Massive Attack have brought him recognition from the mainstream public. As the cousin of Justin Hinds, he was given the name Horace Andy by Bob Andy.

Horace Andy's career as a roots reggae artist spans several decades. He has worked with notable Jamaican producers such as Studio One, Bunny Lee, Phil Pratt, Derrick Harriott, Keith Hudson, Tapper Zukie, and more. His unique vocal style sets him apart from other artists in the genre.

In addition to his success within the reggae community, Horace Andy gained wider recognition through his collaborations with Massive Attack. These collaborations introduced his music to a broader audience and solidified his status as an influential figure in both reggae and trip hop genres.


Horace Andy
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