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Ikue Mori

Ikue Mori is a drummer, electronic percussionist, composer, and graphic designer born on December 17, 1953 in Tokyo, Japan. She first gained musical experience as the drummer for the influential no wave band DNA. After the band disbanded, she became active in the New York experimental music scene and began playing drum machines to create unique sounds. In recent years, she has used a laptop as her primary instrument but is still known for her "electronic percussion." Mori has collaborated with various artists including Dave Douglas, Kim Gordon, and John Zorn. She draws inspiration from visual arts and has received recognition for her work.

Mori's musical journey began after hearing punk rock which sparked her interest in music. Moving to New York City in 1977 led her to become involved in the city's vibrant music scene where she developed a distinctive style as the drummer for DNA alongside Arto Lindsay.

Since then, Mori has been an active figure in the New York experimental music scene. She transitioned from drums to drum machines and later incorporated laptops into her performances while still being credited with "electronic percussion." Collaborating with renowned musicians such as Dave Douglas and Thurston Moore showcases Mori's versatility and willingness to explore different genres.


Ikue Mori
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