Instant Funk

Instant Funk is a Philadelphia based Funk & Disco band that formed in the early 70s. Originally known as The Music Machine, they gained recognition for their ability to find a groove and lock into it instantly. Bunny Sigler discovered the band and they became his backing band before stepping into the spotlight as a feature band. In 1976, Instant Funk released their first independent album titled "Get Down With the Philly Jump." Led by Raymond Earl on bass, Scotty Miller on drums, and Kim Miller on guitar, this talented group also includes Dennis Richardson on keyboards, James Carmichael on lead vocals, Larry Davis, Eric Huff, and Johnny Onderlinde on horns, George Bell on percussion, and Charles Williams contributing to the sound. Their music is reminiscent of other funk and disco artists such as Skyy, T-Connection, B.T. Express, People's Choice, Fatback Band and many more.

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