Isabelle Antena

Isabelle Antena is a French pop and jazz singer who began her career in the trio Antena. She has toured with Paul Haig, Tuxedomoon, and Cabaret Voltaire before recording her first solo album in London. Isabelle has become particularly popular in Japan and has recorded numerous albums under different names such as Antena, Powaga Sisters, and Pause Cafe. She has also collaborated with artists like Buscemi and Thievery Corporation.

In 2003, Isabelle featured on Buscemi's album Camino Real and released a best of compilation called L'alphabet Du Plaisir. Her song "Nothing to Lose" appeared on Thievery Corporation's album Versions in 2006. In 2007, she released French Riviera with producers from the Japanese nu-jazz scene including Kyoto Jazz Massive, Jazztronik, Yukihiro Fukutomi, and Tatsuo Sunaga.

Throughout her career, Isabelle Antena has showcased her talent as a versatile artist with a unique blend of pop and jazz influences. Her music continues to captivate audiences worldwide.


Isabelle Antena
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