Jackie Mittoo

Jackie Mittoo was a highly influential Jamaican musician born on March 3rd, 1948 in Brown's Town, Jamaica. He began his professional career at the age of thirteen, playing with various bands such as The Rivals and The Sheiks. Mittoo gained recognition for his talent and started working at Federal Studios, collaborating with renowned Jamaican musicians who later formed the Skatalites. His partnership with Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd led to countless recordings throughout the Sixties.

After The Skatalites disbanded, Mittoo became the leader of session musicians known as Sound Dimension. Not only did he lead the group, but he also played keyboards himself and arranged recordings for artists like Ken Boothe, Bob Andy, Alton Ellis, The Wailers, and many others. His work not only laid the foundation for reggae music but also showcased his incredible artistic and creative abilities.

Mittoo's contributions to music are immeasurable; he wrote music, gave bass lines to players, composed chords for guitarists while arranging recordings. His body of work remains an essential part of reggae history and continues to be covered by artists worldwide.


Jackie Mittoo
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