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Jay Daniel

Detroit-based DJ and producer, Jay Daniel, is known for his unique blend of house, techno, and jazz influences. As the son of Naomi Daniel, a renowned vocalist in the Detroit music scene, Jay Daniel was exposed to music from an early age. Drawing inspiration from artists such as K15, Omar S, and Theo Parrish, he has developed his own distinct sound that captivates audiences worldwide.

With releases on labels like Sound Signature and Wild Oats Music, Jay Daniel has gained recognition for his intricate productions that seamlessly fuse deep grooves with soulful melodies. His tracks have been praised for their infectious rhythms and emotive atmospheres.

Notable collaborations include working with artists like Move D and Linkwood. Jay Daniel's performances are characterized by his impeccable mixing skills and ability to create an immersive experience on the dancefloor.


Jay Daniel
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Broken Knowz

Jay Daniel

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