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Jerry Paper

"Jerry Paper" is the entity that inhabits Lucas W. Nathan's body when they are grooving. With a unique blend of psychedelic pop, jazz, and funk, *Jerry Paper* creates music that transports listeners to another dimension. Drawing inspiration from artists like Matty, Dumbo Gets Mad, and Drugdealer, *Jerry Paper* crafts dreamy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Known for their captivating live performances and experimental soundscapes, *Jerry Paper* has gained a dedicated following in the indie music scene. Collaborating with talented musicians such as Paul Cherry and Connan Mockasin, *Jerry Paper* continues to push boundaries and redefine what it means to be an artist.

If you're a fan of artists like infinite bisous, Boys Age, or Divino Niño, then you'll definitely want to check out *Jerry Paper*. Their infectious grooves and soulful vocals will have you hooked from the first note. So sit back, relax, and let yourself be transported into the mesmerizing world of *Jerry Paper*.


Jerry Paper
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