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JOYFULTALK is the brainchild of composer, producer, arranger, instrument builder, multi-instrumentalist and multimedia artist Jay Crocker. With a unique blend of experimental soundscapes and captivating visuals, *Jay Crocker* pushes the boundaries of music and art. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres and influences, JOYFULTALK creates immersive sonic experiences that transport listeners to new dimensions.

Similar to artists such as Deliluh, Donna Thompson, and Meadow Meadow, JOYFULTALK's music resonates with those who appreciate innovative and boundary-pushing compositions. Combining elements of electronic music with organic instrumentation, their tracks are a mesmerizing fusion of textures and rhythms.

As an accomplished instrument builder and multi-instrumentalist,*Jay Crocker* brings a unique perspective to their performances. Utilizing custom-made instruments alongside traditional ones, JOYFULTALK crafts intricate melodies that captivate audiences worldwide.


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