Kashmere Stage Band

Kashmere Stage Band (KSB) was an elite performing unit of the student band at Kashmere High School in Houston, Texas. Founded by music teacher Conrad "Prof" Johnson, KSB existed from the late 1960s until 1978. Their limited edition LPs were sold locally and globally as they toured. In 2008, 30 original members reunited to pay tribute to their legendary leader, Prof Johnson.

During their time together, KSB gained recognition for their exceptional talent and unique sound. With only 1000 copies or less pressed for each album, their music became highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

In a heartwarming reunion in February 2008, 30 original members of The Kashmere Stage Band came together to honor their iconic leader Conrad "Prof" Johnson. Despite being in their mid-50s at the time, these talented musicians showcased that their passion for music had not waned over the years.


Kashmere Stage Band
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