A black metal band from Oslo, Norway, Khold was formed in 2000 by Sarke (Thomas Berglie) on drums and Gard (Sverre Stokland) on guitar/vocals. The original line-up also included guitarist Rinn (Geir Kildahl) and bassist Eikind (Lars Eikind). After Eikind's departure, Sir Graanug (Victor Cito Borge) and Brandr (Thomas Brandt) briefly filled the bass position until Grimd (Thomas Arnesen) joined as a permanent member. With their fourth album "Krek", the band went on hiatus in 2006 but returned in 2008. In 2013, Crowbel (Stian Myhre Kråbøl) replaced Grimd.

Khold draws inspiration from black metal and has been influential in shaping the genre. Their music is characterized by intense vocals, powerful guitar riffs, and intricate drumming. Known for their dark and atmospheric soundscapes, they have gained a dedicated following worldwide.

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