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Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon is a renowned bassist, guitarist, and vocalist born in Rochester, New York on 28 April 1953. Raised in Los Angeles, she primarily expresses herself through visual art. In 1981, Gordon moved to New York City where she co-founded Sonic Youth with her husband Thurston Moore (1984–2012). Alongside Sonic Youth, Gordon has also been involved in various other musical projects including Body/Head, Free Kitten, Ciccone Youth, Harry Crews, and Mirror/Dash.

Gordon's unique artistic vision extends beyond Sonic Youth. Her solo project Body/Head showcases her experimental soundscapes and poetic lyrics. She has collaborated with fellow artists such as Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo to create captivating music that pushes boundaries.

Influenced by the likes of Liars, Pere Ubu, Suicide, Beak>, The Breeders and more; Kim Gordon's work resonates with fans of diverse genres. Her contributions to the music industry have left an indelible mark on alternative rock and noise rock scenes.


Kim Gordon
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