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King Diamond

King Diamond is a heavy metal vocalist from Denmark, born on June 14, 1956. He gained fame as the lead singer of Mercyful Fate and later formed his own band. Known for his falsetto vocals and theatrical stage presence, King Diamond often adorns himself with ever-changing face paint featuring inverted crosses. In his lyrics, he explores occult themes and Gothic horror stories involving haunted houses, ghosts, and possession.

In the 1980s, King Diamond faced criticism from religious and parental groups due to his image and affiliation with Anton LaVey's Church of Satan. However, he has since stated that he follows no religion at all. Currently residing in Dallas, Texas, USA, King Diamond is married to Hungarian-born vocalist Livia Zita who also performs with his band and serves as his business partner.

Despite facing health issues in the late 2000s which required back surgery in 2007 and a triple-bypass in 2010, King Diamond continues to captivate audiences with his unique style. His music has influenced numerous artists within the heavy metal genre such as *Mercyful Fate*, *Halford*, *Anvil*, *Metal Church*, *Sanctuary*, *Overkill*, *Venom*, *Running Wild* and many more.


King Diamond
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