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Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings is a self-described hip-hop/punk rock band hailing from Placentia, California. Originally known as The P-Town Ballers and then Cottonmouth, the group eventually settled on their current name. The band was formed by high school friends Steve Thronson (Saint Dog), Dustin Miller (D-Loc), and Timothy McNutt (Johnny Richter) who would hang out and rap songs on the radio while enjoying some weed. They caught the attention of Brad Xavier (Daddy X), a member of local punk band Humble Gods at the time, who suggested they form a rap group.

The initial lineup of Kottonmouth Kings consisted of Daddy X, D-Loc, Saint Dog, break dancer Pakelika, and DJ Bobby B. They signed with Capitol Records and simultaneously launched their own label called Suburban Noize Records to support independent music acts. After releasing their first major full-length album titled "Royal Highness," creative differences led to Saint Dog's departure from the band.

In 2010, rapper Dirtball officially joined Kottonmouth Kings under Suburban Noize Records while breakdancer Pakelika left the group. Tragically, Pakelika passed away in 2012 due to complications related to asthma. In 2014, a legal dispute between Daddy X and manager Kevin Zinger resulted in the Kings leaving Suburban Noize and forming another independent label called United Family.


Kottonmouth Kings
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