Laurie Spiegel

Laurie Spiegel is an American artist born in Chicago on September 20, 1945. She began her musical journey as a teenager, playing various instruments and developing a passion for amateur music making. After earning a degree in social sciences, she returned to music and studied classic guitar, composition, and lute with renowned teachers such as John W. Duarte, Jacob Druckman, and Vincent Persichetti.

Spiegel's fascination with analog synthesizers led her to explore the possibilities of digital computers for compositional control. From 1973-79, she worked at Bell Labs where she wrote interactive compositional software. Later on, she founded New York University's Computer Music Studio and gained recognition in rock music circles for her groundbreaking music software called MusicMouse.

Throughout her career, Laurie Spiegel has been influenced by notable figures like Michael Czajkowski, Hall Overton, Max Mathews, and Emmanuel Ghent who have played significant roles as her mentors. Her innovative approach to music-making continues to inspire artists across genres.


Laurie Spiegel
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