Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt is a 2-piece drums-and-bass band from Providence, Rhode Island, USA. The band consists of *Brian Chippendale* on drums and vocals, and *Brian Gibson* on bass. They are known for their loud and chaotic live shows, where they have played on the floor instead of on stage until mid-2014. Their unique style combines elements of speed metal, noise, and free jazz.

If you enjoy the music of *Melt-Banana*, *Hella*, or *Zach Hill*, then Lightning Bolt's energetic sound will definitely appeal to you. Other similar artists include *Black Pus*, *Arab On Radar*, and *Black Eyes*. With influences ranging from *Brainiac* to *Liars* to *Drive Like Jehu*, Lightning Bolt has carved out their own distinct niche in the music world.

Experience the raw power and intensity of Lightning Bolt's music by exploring their albums today. Whether you're a fan of experimental rock or simply crave something different, this dynamic duo is sure to leave a lasting impression with their blistering performances and genre-defying compositions.


Lightning Bolt
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