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Lindstrøm is the moniker of Norwegian Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, guitar, bass and keyboards. He is also a producer and a DJ. Born on 16 February, 1973 in the tiny fishing village of Flekkefjord in southwestern Norway, Lindstrøm was raised on country music. Currently residing in Oslo, he creates contemporary disco and runs his Feedelity label.

With his diverse musical talents and extensive experience as a producer and DJ, Lindstrøm has established himself as an influential figure in the electronic music scene. His unique blend of genres creates captivating tracks that are both nostalgic and forward-thinking.

Through his Feedelity label, Lindstrøm has been able to showcase not only his own work but also emerging talent from around the world. This platform allows him to support artists who share his passion for pushing boundaries within the realm of disco and electronic music.


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