Los Bitchos

Los Bitchos is a four-piece group based in London, UK. Their unique sound combines retro-futuristic elements of Peruvian chica, Argentine cumbia, Turkish psych, and surf guitars. The band members include Serra Petale on guitar, Agustina Ruiz on keytar, Josefine Jonsson on bass, and Nic Crawshaw on drums.

With their captivating blend of musical influences, Los Bitchos creates an irresistible sonic experience that transports listeners to another time and place. Their music effortlessly fuses traditional Latin American rhythms with psychedelic rock vibes and infectious surf melodies.

Known for their energetic live performances and dynamic stage presence, Los Bitchos have garnered a loyal following within the music scene. Their distinctive style and undeniable talent have earned them critical acclaim from both fans and industry professionals alike.


Los Bitchos
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