Lost In The Trees

Lost In The Trees is an artist hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. With their former site lostinthetrees.com no longer active since 2017, this talented group has left a lasting impact on the music scene. Their unique sound blends elements of folk and indie rock, captivating listeners with haunting melodies and introspective lyrics.

Influenced by artists such as Bowerbirds, Other Lives, and Shearwater among others, Lost In The Trees has carved out their own distinct musical identity. Their compositions are characterized by lush orchestration and intricate arrangements that create a rich sonic landscape.

While they may not be actively performing or releasing new music at present, Lost In The Trees' legacy lives on through their previous works. Fans of *their* genre-defying sound will find solace in exploring the discography of this enigmatic ensemble.


Lost In The Trees
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