Jeff McIlwain, better known by his stage name *Lusine*, is a Texan artist who has been producing ambient/experimental techno since the late 1990s. His music draws inspiration from the classic early-'90s British techno scene, which itself was influenced by American sources in Detroit. With a highly melodic yet abrasive sound, Lusine released his self-titled debut album in 1999 on the Isophlux label.

Lusine's music is characterized by its intricate melodies and experimental approach to techno. He creates immersive sonic landscapes that transport listeners to otherworldly realms. Drawing influences from artists such as *Kettel*, *Ochre*, and *Proem*, Lusine's unique style sets him apart in the electronic music scene.

Over the years, Lusine has gained recognition for his captivating live performances and innovative studio productions. He continues to push boundaries with his music, exploring new sounds and techniques while staying true to his signature style. With an extensive discography and collaborations with renowned artists like *Telefon Tel Aviv* and *Plaid*, Lusine remains at the forefront of the electronic music genre.


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Long Light


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