Macula Dog

Macula Dog is an experimental music artist known for their unique blend of electronic and avant-garde sounds. With influences ranging from Moth Cock to Yip-Yip, their music pushes the boundaries of traditional genres. Macula Dog's performances are a captivating experience, combining intricate melodies with unexpected rhythms and textures.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Cabo Boing and Deli Girls, Macula Dog creates a sonic landscape that is both thought-provoking and immersive. Their soundscapes have been compared to the likes of Black Dice and Rian Treanor, showcasing their ability to create complex compositions that challenge conventional musical norms.

With a discography that includes collaborations with Jake Tobin and Slugbug, Macula Dog continues to push the boundaries of electronic music. Fans of Palm or Horse Lords will appreciate their innovative approach to composition and production. From OTTO to Max Tundra, Macula Dog's work stands out as a testament to their creativity and dedication to pushing the limits of what is possible in music.


Macula Dog
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