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Mammoth WVH

Mammoth WVH is a rock project led by Wolfgang Van Halen. With his debut self-titled album, Mammoth WVH showcases his immense talent as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Drawing inspiration from his iconic father Eddie Van Halen, Wolfgang delivers powerful and captivating rock anthems that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Having grown up surrounded by music legends, Wolfgang has carved out his own unique sound that pays homage to the classic rock era while infusing it with modern elements. His songs are filled with infectious hooks, soaring vocals, and blistering guitar solos that leave listeners craving for more.

With Mammoth WVH's explosive live performances and undeniable stage presence, Wolfgang continues to prove himself as an exceptional artist in his own right. Whether you're a fan of classic rock or searching for fresh sounds in the genre, Mammoth WVH is sure to deliver an unforgettable musical experience.


Mammoth WVH
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Album artwork for Mammoth WVH by Mammoth WVH

Mammoth WVH

Mammoth WVH

$13.99 - $35.99

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Mammoth II

Mammoth WVH

$14.99 - $26.99