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Martina McBride

Martina McBride is an American country music singer and songwriter. She was born on July 29, 1966 in Sharon, Kansas, USA. Martina is married and has three daughters.

Known for her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Martina McBride has been a prominent figure in the country music industry for decades. With numerous chart-topping hits and awards to her name, she has captivated audiences around the world with her soulful performances.

In addition to her successful music career, Martina is also a dedicated wife and mother. She is married to [Spouse Name] and together they have three beautiful daughters: [Daughter 1], [Daughter 2], and [Daughter 3]. Through her music and personal life, Martina continues to inspire fans with her talent, authenticity, and devotion to family.


Martina McBride
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