Masta Ace

Masta Ace is a long-time hip-hop MC hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Born on December 4th, 1966, he has been an influential figure in the genre for decades.

Throughout his career, Masta Ace has been a member of various groups including Action, Crooklyn Dodgers, E.M.C., and Masta Ace Incorporated.

He made his debut in 1988 on Marley Marl's "In Control, Vol. 1" LP and released his first album on Cold Chillin' Records. After signing with Delicious Vinyl in 1993, he released two albums before taking a three-year hiatus from the music industry. In 2001, he returned with the album "Disposable Arts" and followed up in 2004 with "A Long Hot Summer," which was released on his own label M3 Macmil Music.


Masta Ace
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