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Multi-instrumentalist Frank Maston grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, soaking in both the summery atmosphere and the musical and cultural history of his surroundings. Early on, Maston developed a love for the sunny chamber pop of Van Dyke Parks and Brian Wilson, as well as more California-inspired moments of rock magic from Harry Nilsson and Phil Spector. He eventually sculpted these influences into what would become his own music, a completely self-sufficient menagerie of dark pop sounds informed by '60s and '70s studio magicians and loner geniuses.

In 2011, *Maston* put out a series of cassette albums under his own name. The following year, he signed to Chicago label Trouble in Mind, which released his proper full-length debut album called Shadows. During this time, he also played keyboards for Jacco Gardner while spending extended periods in the Netherlands. These experiences touring and living abroad lent a European influence to his second album Tulips, which was released on his own Phonoscope label in 2017. Drawing inspiration from French and Italian film music composers like Morricone and Legrand, *Maston* adjusted his focus from Wilson and Spector to create an entirely unique sound.

*Maston's* music can be likened to other artists such as Dumbo Gets Mad, Orions Belte, Monster Rally, PAINT,and L'éclair among others. His distinctive blend of


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