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Matmos is an American experimental electronic duo active since the mid-1990s and based in Baltimore, Maryland. Named after a "seething lake of evil slime" from the cult sci-fi film Barbarella, Matmos gained prominence for their postmodernist approach and ability to create "listenable" music from bizarre objects. Their releases feature samples and sources ranging from amplified crayfish nerve tissue to solid gold coins and plastic riot police shields.

Daniel and Schmidt, the members of Matmos, create concept albums with diverse themes such as surgical procedures, Western/country genres, medieval music, various types of plastics, whirlpool washing machines, and ganzfeld experiments & parapsychology. They have been signed to labels like Matador Records and Thrill Jockey Records.

Throughout their career, Matmos has collaborated with guest musicians including Lesser, Jon Leidecker (Wobbly), Keith Fullerton Whitman, Dan Deacon, Jason Willett, Owen Gardner and members of Horse Lords, People Like Us, Matthew Herbert. They have also worked extensively with Björk on remixes as well as her albums Vespertine and Greatest Hits.


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