Mike Watt

Mike Watt is an American bassist, singer, and songwriter born on December 20, 1957 in Portsmouth, Virginia. With a career spanning several decades, he has made significant contributions to the rock music scene as a co-founder of influential bands such as Minutemen, Dos, and fIREHOSE.

Known for his distinctive bass playing style and unique songwriting abilities, *Watt* has garnered a dedicated following. His music blends elements of punk rock, alternative rock, and post-punk to create a sound that is both energetic and thought-provoking.

In addition to his work with various bands, *Watt* has collaborated with notable artists such as Meat Puppets' Curt Kirkwood and Frank Black. His musical influence can be heard in the works of other renowned performers like Hüsker Dü, Mission Of Burma, Dinosaur Jr., Sugar, Sebadoh, Bob Mould, Butthole Surfers,and Camper Van Beethoven among others.


Mike Watt
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