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Mikey Erg

Musician, songwriter, and singer from Sayreville, New Jersey. Mikey Erg is best known for his contributions to the punk rock genre. He gained recognition as a member of the pop-punk band The Ergs! and has since embarked on a successful solo career. Whether performing with a full backing band or as a solo artist, Mikey Erg's music captivates audiences with its raw energy and heartfelt lyrics.

With influences ranging from House Boat to Direct Hit!, Mikey Erg's sound is reminiscent of punk rock bands that have made their mark in the industry. His music resonates with fans of Classics Of Love, The Copyrights, and other notable artists within the genre.

From his early days in The Ergs! to his current endeavors as a solo musician, Mikey Erg continues to push boundaries and create music that speaks to listeners on a personal level. With each performance, he proves himself as an influential figure in punk rock history.


Mikey Erg
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Mikey Erg

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