Minus The Bear

Minus the Bear was an experimental indie-rock band from Seattle that existed from 2001 to 2018. The band featured members from Botch, Sharks Keep Moving, and Killsadie. Their lineup included Jake Snider on guitar and vocals, David Knudson on guitar, Cory Murchy on bass, Alex Rose on keys, Erin Tate on drums, and Matt Bayles on keys and production.

With their unique blend of indie rock and experimental sounds, Minus the Bear gained a dedicated following over their career. Known for their intricate guitar work and catchy melodies, they released several acclaimed albums including "Menos el Oso" and "Planet of Ice".

Throughout their time together as a band, Minus the Bear toured extensively around the world and played at major music festivals. Their energetic live performances captivated audiences with their technical prowess and infectious energy.


Minus The Bear
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