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The Minutemen were a punk rock band from San Pedro, California, formed in 1980 by childhood friends Dennes "D." Boon (vocals, guitar) and Mike Watt (bass, vocals). They incorporated elements of funk and jazz into their songs and covered classic rock bands like Steely Dan, Van Halen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Blue Öyster Cult. Known for their short songs without solos or choruses, the band believed in a democratic sound where all instruments were equally represented. After Boon's death in 1985, Watt and drummer George Hurley went on to form fIREHOSE. They have since played with various bands and released solo albums.

The Minutemen played their first show with Black Flag and developed a close relationship with them. The band was extremely prolific during their five-year career, releasing four LPs and six EPs. Their most critically acclaimed release is the double LP "Double Nickels On The Dimes" from 1984. Most of their work was released through SST Records and their own label New Alliance Records.

Tragically, the Minutemen came to an end when D. Boon died in a car accident at age 27 in Arizona on December 22nd, 1985. A collection of live recordings called "Ballot Result" was released the following year as a tribute to him. Since then, Mike Watt has sold


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