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Mirror Tree

Alice's Mirror is an Eclectic Prog band from Ruvo di Puglia, Italy that was formed in 2016. The band came about from a chance meeting between Walter Antonio Lanotte (guitars, bouzouki, lap steel guitar) and Michele Di Modugno (drums, pad). They recognized their shared love for progressive music by classic bands such as King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Aristocrats, Porcupine Tree, Tool and the like. Soon after, Eduardo Bucci (keyboards, backing vocals) and Fulvio Bucci (bass, vocals) joined the band completing the lineup.

With influences ranging from rock to jazz to metal and more experimental sounds [the artist] creates a unique blend of genres that captivates listeners. Their intricate compositions showcase technical prowess while maintaining emotional depth.

Since their formation [the artist] has been steadily gaining recognition in the prog rock scene with their dynamic live performances and critically acclaimed albums. Their dedication to pushing boundaries within the genre has earned them a loyal fanbase worldwide.


Mirror Tree
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Mirror Tree

Mirror Tree

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