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Model/Actriz is a unique and captivating music act that brings depth and open-endedness to their work. Their performances are intense, bouncing between extremes of joy and violence, humor and nihilism, flirtation and effacement. They defy categorization, leaving it up to their fans to define their sound. Lead vocalist Cole Haden's charismatic stage presence invites audience participation, creating a social atmosphere reminiscent of dance music. Model/Actriz challenges the traditional rock & pop music norms by emphasizing the importance of performance and audience interaction. After a two-year hiatus, they return with a four-piece lineup based in Brooklyn.

"[Suntan]" is an example of Model/Actriz's tension-filled yet catchy compositions that showcase gloomy synths leading into distorted choruses. Their performances are theatrical, fashionable, extreme, and feature exceptional musicianship. Fans have described them as awe-inspiring with an intensity that leaves a lasting impression.

Model/Actriz's music has the power to transport listeners to the brink of destruction while still being irresistibly danceable. Their potent sexuality, confidence, and rupture make for transgressive music that resonates deeply with audiences.


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