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Morgan Wade

Morgan Dealie Wade is an American country music singer. She has been active in the music industry since 2018 and gained recognition for her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. In 2021, she released her debut album through Thirty Tigers, showcasing her talent and passion for country music.

With a career spanning several years, Morgan Wade has captivated audiences with her powerful performances and authentic storytelling. Her unique blend of traditional country sounds with modern influences sets her apart from other artists in the genre.

As a rising star in the country music scene, Morgan Wade continues to make waves with her raw and emotional songs that resonate with listeners. Her debut album is a testament to her artistry and showcases her ability to connect with fans on a deep level through music.


Morgan Wade
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Album artwork for Obsessed by Morgan Wade


Morgan Wade

$14.99 - $36.99

Album artwork for Psychopath by Morgan Wade


Morgan Wade

$14.99 - $26.99

Album artwork for Reckless by Morgan Wade


Morgan Wade

$15.99 - $28.99